Why Do We Eat Popcorn At The Movies


America’s Favorite Movie Theater Pastime Movie theater popcorn is the American entertainment indulgence staple, which scent has produced copycat recipes and marketing ploys for the better part of a century. Theaters have not always been drenched with the alluring smell of butter and salt. The history of this snack is huge and it traverses with …

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The Almighty Dill Pickle Popcorn


Memories of Dill Popcorn My teenage girlfriend at the time first introduced me to this savory addictive snack at the Iowa state Fair. Halfway through my mustard drizzling corn dog, i knew I made a mistake. Darn, I should’ve ordered two! I never really cared that much for popcorn, but it did smell good, so …

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American Indian Discovery and Uses of Popcorn


The History & Discovery of Popcorn Popcorn has its own very unique and long history. According to studies, the first people to discover popcorn were the ancient American Indians and it happened about five thousand years ago. This means that popcorn is one of the oldest snacks in the world. It has survived the times …

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You Won’t Believe These Popcorn Varieties


  Popcorn is one of the most adorned snacks on the planet. This treat contains low calories and is enjoyable to eat. That is why, it is not surprising how it went from being revered as a magical seed by the American Indians to a billion dollar food in modern times. While common in name, …

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Popcorn Makers for Large Outdoor Events


Popcorn is a favorite pastime when watching shows and movies, or hanging out with family or friends. Here we look at some of the larger popcorn makers designed to serve large groups. Popcorn makers for large outdoor events are normally heavy, large and high powered machines which swiftly yield huge numbers of popcorn for entertainment …

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